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Nicole Ohme

Nicole brings to yoga a breadth of international teaching experience. First trained for 3 years as a dancer at a Dance Academy in Belgium; she has performed professionally and taught across various disciplines, including ballroom dance, contemporary dance and rock’n’roll acrobatics.  In addition Nicole holds a Swiss massage therapy license. For several years she earned her living by modeling for artists and teaching courses in collaboration with them.

Her passion for movement and health brought her to yoga. Since her certification over 10 years ago at OM Yoga NYC, Nicole has taught numerous workshops and retreats in Europe and the U.S. including classes and private sessions at Como Shambhala Spa (Parrot Cay, Rated as the World’s #1 Spa in 2005). 

Nicole`s desire is to facilitate healing and growth in people. Her vast knowledge of the body and movement and her own experience of yoga are revealed in a seamless blend of exquisite sequencing, principle of alignment and mindful adjustments. She is able to create a nurturing environment in which the students get inspired and challenged by her invigorating and informative Flow Classes.



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