Founder of Earth Tantra
Tara L. Skubella is certified as a Level 4 Tantra Guide, 200 hr Tantra/ Kundalini Yoga instructor, Integral Relationship coach and Death Doula.  She's worked with women to find their own healing path and practices since 2015. Tara embodies devotion to Hekate through both self taught and a 14 month study with the Apple Branch Hekate group.

Her personal journey with Tantra work empowered her to leave an unhealthy marriage by connecting her to self - allowing her to rediscover her truth and divine feminine within.  Since birthing Earth Tantra in 2016, Tara’s work has reached 1,000s of students. She's been featured in New York Times, Parade, Insider and more.  She's volunteered and presented with organizations like Loving More, Women's Wilderness, Women of Wisdom and others. 

Tara's connection to Greece & Turkey stem from both sides of her parent's  family.  Tara's paternal great grandparents immigrated from Crete in 1905 to the US.  Her maternal great grandfather is from Armenia/ eastern Turkish regions.  Tara also grew up in the Greek Orthodox Church, which instilled a deep connection to Greek culture, ritual and ceremony at a young age.

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